Stenin: Russian Media Claim Missing War Crimes Suspect & Journalist Captured by SBU

Missing War Crimes Suspect and Russian Journalist 'Captured' by Ukraine's Security Services in Donetsk say Russian Media

Russian photo-journalist Andrei Stenin has been captured by SBU, Ukraine's security services, according to Russian media reports.

Stenin is suspected of war crimes against captured Ukrainian POW's of the 
25th brigade, after a battle in Shakhtarsk on 31st July while 'embedded' with Russian backed fighters of the self-declared Donetsk people's Republic (DNR), who have been fighting Kiev's government forces.

Stenin was last seen on July 31st in 
Shakhtarsk taking photographs of the 'torture' of three captured POW paratroopers after the Shakhtarsk battle - and who's whereabouts are still unknown after over a week: (evidence here)

Stenin's last known photograph was taken while he appears to have been embedded with Russian backed rebel fighters in the Donetsk region, and is time-stamped August 1st at 19:27: 

State run Russian media, RIA Novosti and RT, reported August 7th that freelance photographer Stenin had gone missing on August 5th after 'wiring' a set of photographs from his registered account to RIA Novosti's office. There was however, no text included in the photographs he sent, nor had he spoken to anyone over the phone.

RT's television broadcast said Stenin had last been seen at 
Shakhtarsk, an area a few km due south of the Malaysian Airline MH17' crash site and west of Torez - where heavy fighting has been reported.

Today, RIA Novosti reported Stenin had been captured by SBU near Shakhtarsk on Thursday August 7th.

The Moscow Times report is based on RIA Novosti as source, citing its claim to have spoken to an unidentified source in Donetsk, who said of Stenin:

"He was taken by Right Sector fighters from the Shakhtarsk battalion of Ukraine's national guard," the source said, referring to the ultranationalist group Right Sector. "Now, according to our information, he is at the SBU [Security Services office] in [the southeastern Ukrainian city of] Zaporozhye."

Update - 9th August: RIA Novosti: Tanya Lokshina, Russia Program Director at Human Rights Watch, says Ukrainian authorities should explain the reasons behind the detention of Andrei Stenin: 
“If the missing correspondent was in fact detained by Ukrainian forces or pro-governmental armed groups, the Ukrainian authorities should immediately explain the reasons behind his detention and either ensure prompt release, or, if there are credible grounds for bringing charges against him, bring him before a judge so he can be charged and released pending an investigation,” Lokshina said.
She added that Ukrainian authorities must also make sure that Stenin has the full protection of the law, and give him access to a lawyer and consular officers. 

Update 2 - 9th August : SBU deny they have Andrei Stenin, say Voice of Russia, contradicting RIA Novosti's claim that a "reliable source" said Stenin was held by SBU. (source)

The reality of this situation appears to be far from clear.
UPDATE 12th August: Reports coming in that Ukrainian security services, SBU, have arrested Andrei Stenin for "participating in torture and murder in Shakhtarsk"

This tweet appeared a short time ago (original embedded below): 

RT report here: source

UPDATE 2, 12th August: 

Russian photo journalist Andrei Stenin was arrested by the Ukrainian security services on suspicion of cooperating with terrorists, said Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister, according to Rapsi (source)

This is what Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to say

including the suggestion Stenin may have been attacked!

Watch Lavrov's statement here.

more to follow...