Thursday, October 23, 2014

'Drunk' snow-plough driver blamed for plane crash that killed Total's CEO claims he is being framed

Plane crash snowplow driver who 'got lost' while 'drunk' claims he is being framed and says he doesn't drink because he suffers from a heart condition

A snowplow driver at Moscow's Vnukovo airport has said he lost his bearings before a collision with a private plane in which Total CEO Christophe de Margerie died.

The Falcon 50 jet crashed as it was taking off at around midnight on Tuesday en-route to Paris in poor visibility, killing all four on-board, according to an airport spokesperson.

Initial reports by Russian news outlet, LifeNews, claimed the jet crashed immediately after take off. A distress signal was triggered by the pilot who decided to turn back after reporting engine fire and fuselage damage, but unable to control the aircraft it crashed onto the runway, bursting into flames.
Russian news service, TASS, issued a report contradicting LifeNews' initial account a few hours later, stating the plane crashed after striking a snowplow before take off. Earlier LifeNews reports were retracted and modified, as were reports by other outlets, including Russia's RT. 

63-year old De Margerie - who has been plagued by allegations of corruption during his tenure at Total - was in Russia attending a government meeting on foreign investment. (Reuters)

Attention focused on the snowplow driver, Vladimir Martynenko, who was arrested and found to have been under the influence of alcohol after a medical examination, said LifeNews. 

In a later report the same outlet claimed the driver admitted hiding brandy in a thermos flask with tea. In another report and video

LifeNews say Russian "experts" have come up with the theory that the snowplow driver got lost on the runway due to a broken light close-by.

However, Martynenko denies he was drunk, said his lawyer, Aleksandr Karabanov, who stated that his client had passed the daily "medical examination" that all snowplow operators at the airport are required to take before reporting for duty.

Karabanov told reporters on Wednesday that the results of the test were recorded in a log book that investigators now have in their possession. (CNN)

The denials seem to imply Martynenkov believes he is being framed for the crash.

Reuters said that television footage (currently not found) showed the snowplough driver seemingly unhurt. 

The Investigative Committee (IC) of the Russian Federation, in charge of the investigation, stated that human factor was the primary reason for the crash. Un-officially The IC said the air-traffic was directed by a trainee controller, according to LifeNews.

Russia’s IC is considering four causes of the crash at this time. According to spokesman Ivan Sibul, it could have been the “pilot’s fault, or the fault of air traffic control, as well as that of the snowplow driver, or poor visibility.”

An IC spokesperson, Tatiana Morozova, confirmed (@ 0:19) Martynenko tested positive for being under the influence alcohol:

23rd October: CNN report Thursday that Martynenko has been sent to pretrial detention.

Four other airport employees have also been detained in connection with the crash, said investigators, Russia's IC.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Donetsk Airport: the Cyborgs Repel Russian-backed Rebels: RAW VIDEO

The Ukrainian army successfully defend Donetsk Airport: RAW footage

VIDEO: Monday's fighting between the Ukrainian soldiers and Russian-backed rebels appeared on youtube. 

Warning: explicit languageSource:
UPDATE: Latest Cyborg video from inside Donetsk Airport:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Russian Elite GRU Spetsnaz Caught Sniping in Ukraine During "Ceasefire"

Elite GRU Spetsnaz Soldier Alexei Milchakov Posts Photo of Himself Sniping during "Ceasefire" near Luhansk, Eastern Ukraine

Milchakov, a well-known Russian GRU Spetsnaz soldier, "little green man," and notorious for being a sadist and Nazi sympathizer, operates currently as the commander of "Batman," a rapid response unit of the self-declared Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) operating out of Luhansk.

On October 12th, Milchakov posted a photograph of himself on his VKontakte page, taking aim from a vantage point overlooking a railway bridge with a Russian made SVD-K 9.3mm sniper rifle.
Alexey Milchakov's VKontakte photo, posted 12th October 2014

Milchakov's photograph has been geo-located to a position overlooking the Seversky Donets River Railway bridge (as identified by @5urphur) approximately 17 km NE of Luhansk, near Mykloivka in Eastern Ukraine:

Photo Straightened
Closeup of bridge and 'marker' house
Location of marker bridge - less than 20km NE of Luhansk
Milchakov is well known for his participation in Russia's semi-covert warfare campaign in Eastern Ukraine, involving killing and torture of Ukrainians via its proxy, self-declared "LPR." 

"LPR" are known to be a proxy/subsidiary organization of Russian military intelligence (GRU). Read further in a War Log exclusive here.

Milchakov first gained notoriety as a sadist puppy killer before he rose in Russia's military ranks to become part of the elite Spetsnaz unit in GRU.

More recently, Milchakov became the partner of alleged FSB agent Yulia Kharlamov accused by Ukrainian media of organizing the violence at the National Guard protests in Kiev, Ukraine on October 13th.
Yulia Kharlamova
Kharlamova and Milchakov
Milchakov gestures towards an Aidar Bat. tank his unit destroyed - Sept 5th 2014
Milchakov at Luhansk airport - August 2014

Milchakov on September 5th after ambushing Aidar Batallion
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Violent Kiev Clashes: A Provocation Organised by Russian FSB Agent Yulia Kharlamova

Violent Clashes Outside Ukraine's Parliament an FSB Provocation Orchestrated by Agent Kharlamova and Provocateurs

All photos from VKontakte

Employee of the Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation (FSB), Yulia Kharlamova, was seen outside the Presidential administration building in Kiev during the so-called National Guard protestspretending to be friends of a soldier from the National Guard, and using fake relatives to provoke people in the crowd - according to Podrobnosti.

Kharlamova is friends with Alexei 'butcher' Milchakov, a known Spetsnaz GRU operative, and commander of notorious "Batman" fast response unit, operating out of Luhansk.

They fought together in the Donbas. The sabotage squad unit "Rusich," a battalion of Milchakov's "Batman" unit, attacked battalion Aidar's checkpoints (Ukrainian Govt forces) in the village of Shchastya, Lugansk region on September 5th, reportedly killing eleven Ukrainian soldiers.

Through social media site VKontakte, Kharlamov organized the recruitment of soldiers, preparing them physiologically as provocateurs, for the protest on October 13th.

From fascist to paratrooper

Based on the Muscovites social media profile, 25 year old Yulia Tselinskaya studied at the Lobachevsky University, was married, and has a child.
Back in the mid-2000s Yulia met with future terrorists from the Squad “Rusich” - she was fairly well known in Russian nationalist’s circles. Registered under the name "Nordic", she participated in various neo-fascist congresses.
Kharlamova is also a member of the Orthodox-fascist organization with paratrooper orientation "The Lambs of Blue Sky."
Tough sister Tselinkaya’s childhood, to the left Yulia’s sister Maria, to the right Yulia herself    

Kharlamova-Tselinskaya served under the contract in a special communications regiment of airborne troops of Russia with military unit #54164, Moscow region. In September, 2014 she wrote a letter of resignation.
Yulia served as paratrooper in the regiment near Moscow    

After Kharlamova resigned the paratrooper reported that she found a new creative job. 

"Gone in reserve!) - I’m thankful to the army for many things, it was the best lesson of my life, I learned a lot. I have found a very good civilian job, which opens my creative potential,” - Kharlamov wrote on VKontakte.

From paratrooper to special forces

Now a former Russian paratrooper, Kharlamova works for the FSB. Her page was loaded with stripes, chevrons, and pictures from various military departments. She recently deleted these pictures.
Chevrone from Yulia’s page and terrorist Milchakov’s, who fights in Lugansk    
Kharlamova moderates several groups and public pages in social media through which new soldiers were recruited with the focus on internal troops.

One of those – “Demobilization at risk”, that was exactly the place where soldiers were gathered for action near the Presidents Administration on October 13, where three military units showed up at the administration building to demand demobilization.
Yulia Kharlalmova (on right)
Together with the fake relatives Kharlamova played a role of a girlfriend of one of the soldiers, although it couldn't be understand exactly who. 

She aggressively pushed off the journalists and tried to provoke the crowd. “Who are you? What media do you represent? I'm a friend, and came to support the guys, its time for them to demobilize.” – she yelled at the correspondent. 

Later they all disappeared together with the mysterious people with hoodies.

Strange love 

After Kharlamova changed her cliche from nazi-fascists to Russian mercenaries, and her husband was replaced by paratrooper (and Spetsnaz GRU soldier) Aleksei Milchakov.
Kharlamova and terrorist-sadist Milchakov    
Milchakov (centre) in Luhansk Region, Eastern Ukraine
New boyfriend and partner combined, Milchakov, a sadist and animal killer from Saint Petersburg, is known for his cruel torture of POW's from Aidar in the town of Shchstaya.
Photo of Milchakov made in Shas and Lugansk    
Yulia loves to share her pictures with Milchakov and record video messages in his defense.

For example, in this video (English translation by War Log) she calls Milchakov a hero and tells about how he rescues dogs during the war in Ukraine.

The pictures of the rescue of dogs by a paratrooper became popular [with sadists]. Here, for example, 14 year old Milchakov posed with the puppy still alive.

But now, the animal killer stayed to terrorize the population of Lugansk, and Milchakov is recruiting new participants the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, for future Russian spetsnaz operations.

As reported earlier, the riot of the National Guard on Bankova Street was  organised by Russian Special Forces.

The citizens of Kiev and members of volunteer battalions On Bankova Street came to Bankova Street, where 300 national Guard soldiers gathered together to shame the protesters for wanting to go home [desert] during the war.

On Monday evening the road patrol workers reinforced the checkpoints leading into Kiev.

The military prosecutor’s office started a criminal investigation in connection to the meeting of National Guard soldiers near the Presidents Administration.

October 18th: Yulia Kharlamov went on REN TV, a Russian tv channel, and denied she is an FSB agent who organized the violence at Ukraine's Presidential Administration in Kiev. (English translation by War Log):
In another 18th October interview on TVZvezda, a known Russian MoD propaganda media outlet, Kharlamova is painted as an activist, born in Odessa; just visiting friends; and is not a spy, of course. (English translation by War Log)

Kharmalova wrote on her vKontakte page on October 17th:

This is the pro-Russian report she links to in her post.

On the same day, in light of the allegations made against her, the Muscovite wrote on vKontakte:
It will be interesting to see whether Yulia Kharlamova actually does sue any publishers after taking legal advice - as her post suggests she might.
Main source via Podrobnostitranslated, factual errors corrected, plus additional content.
Aidar in the town of Metalist.