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Exclusive: МВД Hacked - Russian Interior Ministry Order Targets Ukraine's Right Sektor to Uncover Security Service Agents Posing as Russian Immigrants

By @RobPulseNews

A hacked archive of Russian Interior Ministry (МВД/MVD) documents has been released on twitter:

InformNapalm report the archive was hacked by Ukrainian cyber force volunteers led by programmer Eugene Dokukin, from Russian Interior Ministry (MVD) servers in October 2014. 

The entire (unverified) archive has been uploaded to numerous online sharing services, including Google Drive.
Several documents appear to confirm Russian military and security services involvement in the occupation and on-going war in eastern Ukraine.

WarLog has translated one document, which reveals that a Russian anti-extremism unit in Rostov is tasked with targeting Ukraine's Right Sektor to uncover Security Service (SBU) agents supposedly posing as Russian immigrants. 

Signed by Police Major Berezov, order 912, dated July 24th 2014, is addressed to the head of MVD's anti-extremism unit in Rostov, officer Samsonov:

Original (link):

English Translation :

Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Russia
Department of the MVD, Rostov region
Police Dept. (Kazan Station Deployment)
Int. Dept of Internal Affairs “Sholohovsky”
34617 Rostov Region, Verkhnedonsk area
Kazan Station, 3 Frunze St.
Tel:                         Fax:
                                                            To the head of Anti-Extremism Centre at MVD
In Rostov Region

Police Officer
V.I. Samsonov

Information on the carrying out of the order

Dear Valentin Ivanovich!

According to the order No. 912 from 24the July 2014 from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Russia in the Rostov region, we are sending you information about the measures taken to identify the immigrants from Ukraine who are wanted, previously convicted, and on the run, as well as specially trained supporters of the right radical group – the Right Sektor, who are acting under the orders of Ukrainian SBU (intelligence service):

1.     We have established co-ordination with the following departments: Federal Immigration Service (FIS) receives daily reports on Ukrainian citizens arriving at Verkhnedonsk area and registering at the FIS; the data is being checked by IBD “Region”; the emergency Ministry receives daily data on the number of people who are being helped to settle in Russia. All citizens of interest are being checked. The information is being gathered on the motives of arrivals, and the planned places of settlement in Russia [and the Ukrainian regions.]
2.     The control on specially dangerous and important objects has been strengthened, and the workers are being instructed on how to prevent diversion and terrorist acts.
3.     If important data is received it will be reported immediately.

The temporary deputy head of Police Dept (Kazan Station Deployment)
International Dept. at MVD “Sholohovsky”
Police Major                                                                        Berezov A.A.

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