Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exclusive: Leaked Spetsnaz Document Proves Russian Military Deployment in East Ukraine

Putin Lied: Leaked Spetsnaz GRU Document Proves Russia has Deployed its Military in East Ukraine

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin are finding it harder to deny Ukraine's claimed invasion of it's territory by Russia's military forces.

A leaked official document allegedly proving Vladimir Putin lied about Russia not having any military involvement in the Ukraine crisis has emerged.

This 'character reference' document, dated August 9th 2014 (in conjunction with further evidence) appears to prove that the self-declared Luhansk People's Republic ("LPR") have been deploying Russian forces in East Ukraine, carrying out various covert military operations in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions: 

Alexey Yuryevich Milchakov, a Russian citizen from Saint Petersburg, and a paratrooper in the 234 Black Sea Guards order 2nd degree landing party/Paratrooper Attack Regiment of the Russian military, is the same person named and wholly referred to in the document. 
Michalov posts this photo on 6th September from Ukraine
Milchakov's name and date of birth (1991) appears near the top, where he is stated as being the commander of "LPR's" 3rd Section of the 2nd Platoon, a sub-division of "LPR's" fast response unit 'Batman.'

It states that during Milchakov's "LPR" service (for "fast response unit 'Batman'") he fought in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and also carried out various missions. Specifically:

- Accompanying cargo movements and security for the city of Donetsk and region.
- Intelligence gathering and diversionary activity at Luhansk International airport.
- Participated in searches in the suburbs of Krasnodon.

Furthermore, Milchakov is stated as being an instructor of tactical warfare; and is proficient in handling an array of weapons, including an AK-74 and a grenade launcher - all of which he keeps in good working order, states the document. 
Milchakov's Photo of His Weapons & Equipment 
The document states Milchakov showed, "good character; is physiologically stable; physically fit; adheres to military ethics; fulfils missions precisely; and is respected among colleagues."

The 1st deputy commander of "LPR", who signed the document 'KAMAZ,' is doing so under an alias to not give away any Russian connection. Next to the right of the stamp it is marked "Lugansk,' where it's understood his unit was believed to be located, likely since as early as June 2014. Indeed, this widely known photograph of Milchakov was taken in Donetsk on June 27th 2014:
Milchakov fires a rocket launcher August 28th in East Ukraine)
The caption below the document posted by Milchakov on his VKontakte account says he was recalled from vacation to go urgently back to Lugansk on August 19th 2014:
Click to enlarge Russian language original:
Milchakov states in his captioned photo, that he has been stationed in Lugansk for two months: 
Russian language original:

Milchakov poses next to the Lugansk city sign, August 11th 2014:
Milchakov stood in front of a Ukrainian road sign saying Krasnodon and "kpp" (border control) Izvarine ahead. Captioned, "near the airport."
Patrolling with his unit in Luhansk on July 21st 2014:
Yuryevich's Vkontakte front page:
A video dated August 26th purportedly shows a military column, including T-72 tanks and mobile Surface-to-air missile systems, headed through Sverdlosk, Eastern Ukraine.

The US Dept of State has warned Russian troops have pushed 30 miles into Eastern Ukraine.

Another Russian paratrooper is also known to have been deployed in Eastern Ukraine on July 31st. Read more here.

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