Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ukrainian POW's Marched Through Streets of Donetsk by 'DPR" Fighters

Ukraine's 'DPR' fighters March Prisoners of War through Streets of Donetsk - an Act of Provocation Orchestrated by Russian Intelligence to Undermine Official Independence Day Celebrations

50-60 Ukrainian Prisoners of war were forcibly marched and paraded by about 1,200 "DPR" fighters through central Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

It was a direct re-enactment of a WWII march in Moscow, where Stalin paraded German POW's through the streets.

Hands bound, faces down as they walked, the POW's were guided through a large crowd, many chanting "fascists," by 'New Russia' fighters of the "DPR" who brandished weapons with bayonets, and herded the prisoners like cattle.

The loudspeaker announcement proclaimed the start of the parade "of people who tried to kill us."

Irina Filatova, Minister of Culture in Luhansk, led the march:
A Reuters reporter at the scene said some members of the public shouted "fascists" and threw bottles at the POW's. Eggs and flour were also photographed being thrown by apparently drunk members of the 'crowd.'

The prisoner at the front of the parade is believed to be Sahnevich Vladimir Dmitrievich, a Lieutenant colonel of the 51st Brigade in the Ukrainian army:

A photo from what's believed to be from his social media post
Here is a Facebook post claiming to name the prisoner:
Russian backed "Novorissaya" or "New Russia" fighters herded the POW's with bayonets draw on their weapons:

The prisoners faced abusive taunts as they left the parade:
In a further humiliation, street cleaning vehicles followed at the rear of the parade, to 'cleanse' the road they had just walked
Kremlin mouthpiece propaganda TV channel, LifeNews, were live at the scene. The reporter, Semyon Pegov, was last seen with Andrey Stenin on August 3rd. Read more here

Another video from Russian media:

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