Monday, October 20, 2014

Russian Elite GRU Spetsnaz Caught Sniping in Ukraine During "Ceasefire"

Elite GRU Spetsnaz Soldier Alexei Milchakov Posts Photo of Himself Sniping during "Ceasefire" near Luhansk, Eastern Ukraine

Milchakov, a well-known Russian GRU Spetsnaz soldier, "little green man," and notorious for being a sadist and Nazi sympathizer, operates currently as the commander of "Batman," a rapid response unit of the self-declared Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) operating out of Luhansk.

On October 12th, Milchakov posted a photograph of himself on his VKontakte page, taking aim from a vantage point overlooking a railway bridge with a Russian made SVD-K 9.3mm sniper rifle.
Alexey Milchakov's VKontakte photo, posted 12th October 2014

Milchakov's photograph has been geo-located to a position overlooking the Seversky Donets River Railway bridge (as identified by @5urphur) approximately 17 km NE of Luhansk, near Mykloivka in Eastern Ukraine:

Photo Straightened
Closeup of bridge and 'marker' house
Location of marker bridge - less than 20km NE of Luhansk
Milchakov is well known for his participation in Russia's semi-covert warfare campaign in Eastern Ukraine, involving killing and torture of Ukrainians via its proxy, self-declared "LPR." 

"LPR" are known to be a proxy/subsidiary organization of Russian military intelligence (GRU). Read further in a War Log exclusive here.

Milchakov first gained notoriety as a sadist puppy killer before he rose in Russia's military ranks to become part of the elite Spetsnaz unit in GRU.

More recently, Milchakov became the partner of alleged FSB agent Yulia Kharlamov accused by Ukrainian media of organizing the violence at the National Guard protests in Kiev, Ukraine on October 13th.
Yulia Kharlamova
Kharlamova and Milchakov
Milchakov gestures towards an Aidar Bat. tank his unit destroyed - Sept 5th 2014
Milchakov at Luhansk airport - August 2014

Milchakov on September 5th after ambushing Aidar Batallion
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